So What is BX Antitoxin?

The BX Antitoxin is formulated using five plants: Maesa perlarius, Striga asiatica, Scrophulariaceae, Drosera rotundifolia; highly diluted and non-toxic this plant extract formula seeks out and robs the stealth bacterium of its energy. Through this process tumor cells begin to die by way of the released apoptotic or necrotic pathways. The process is called Photocatalytic Oxidation; simply it releases free radicals that initiates oxidation within the bacterium, allowing this reaction to spread exponentially, in a rapid process from cell to cell, creating a domino effect on cancer cells.


Question: What is photocatalytic Oxidation?

Answer: The process known as photocatalytic oxidation is similar to the photosynthesis of green plants, where the chlorophyll captures sunlight and turns the water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. The activation of photocatalytic oxidation, activates oxygen has a high oxidization, that is strong enough to oxidize, and kill viruses, organic material and bacteria. In the case of the cancer, it eliminates the stealth bacterium.

Question: What is Maesa perlarius?


A plant from China used for centuries medicinally.

Question: What is Stringa Asiatica?

Answer: A plant with hemiparasitic properties from Asia and Africa.



Question:  What is Scrophulariaceae ?

Answer:  This plant is known as a figwort or known in the snapdragon family; it is found around the world.



Question: What is Drosera rotundifolia?


Answer: This is a sundew plant that is found in bogs and used in homeopathic remedies.


Question: What do they do with these plants?

Answer:  The five plants are synergistically combined in a proprietary method creating a strong homeopathic like solution known as BX Antitoxin.

Please contact or visit for more details and how to get the BX Antitoxin.

Whether you have cancer or an autoimmune disease the BX Antitoxin can give you hope for resolution to your disease without side effects. Your body is not damaged by toxic treatments like chemotherapy or radiation or other drugs; your immune system can help work for the resolution since quality of life is not inhibited.

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